JH Mena

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DJ Contest Winner

21.30 - 23.00


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00.30 - 01.30

We Dance Together

01.30 - 03.00


03.00 - 03.45

Discobar De Zalmkes

DJ Contest

Ben of ken je een aanstormend DJ-talent dat staat te popelen om zijn/haar skills te tonen aan een groter publiek? Speel jij de ene hit na de andere en wil je dit nu ook eens op het grootste open-air evenement van Rotselaar proberen? Aarzel dan niet en schrijf je voor 31 juli in door een mailtje te sturen naar menaopenair2016@gmail.com.

Vanaf 1 augustus komt er een poll online, de 3 kandidaten met de meeste stemmen op 14 augustus zullen door een professionele jury beoordeeld worden. Op 21 augustus wordt de winnaar bekend gemaakt.


Mena Soundsystem

10 jaar geleden bij het onstaan van een jeugdhuis niet zo ver hier vandaan ontsprong een dj duo. Het duo heeft gedurende 10 jaar de mena tot hogere hoogtes geheven en omstreken onveilig gemaakt met hun wervelende beats en strakke pakken.

Dit jaar zullen ze ons podium inwijden en de wei wakker schudden.

Discobar Galaxie

De space opera begint in de jaren 90, wanneer de Leuvense vrienden Bobby Ewing, Lars Capaldi en Loveboat besluiten om de uitgaanswereld te verbeteren. Het verhaal komt pas echt op gang als dit heroïsch collectief de nationale ether mag inpalmen met hun instant legendarische Studio Brussel-radiow shows. Het is de start van een intergalactische trip door het vaderland.

De podia waar het Gevaar van de Discobar nog niet mochten passeren zijn intussen schaars geworden. Ze zijn vaste klanten op Marktrock, Laundry Day en Tomorrowland, maar ook het zelf bedachte tussenpodium van Rock Werchter was een vaste, jaarlijkse stop geworden. Met hun Galaxie Gangbang Soundsystem zorgden ze voor heuse volksverhuizingen naar de andere kant van de Heilige Wei.

Hun saga staat ook verzameld op zes fijne mixalbums, kostbare doch schaarse tijdsdocumenten. Maar in 2012 verscheen het ultieme: The Galaxie’s Guide To The Discobar. Vijf perfect gebalanceerde compilaties met wat voor hen dé essentie is. Nu al een standaardwerk, slechts tijdelijk verkrijgbaar in deze melkweg.

Na vele, vele jaren is Discobar Galaxie still going strong en spelen ze nog steeds whatever the hell they like. Van het grootste festival tot het smerigste jeugdhuis, deze heren weten nog altijd de juiste platen te kiezen. This Soundsystem knows what's good for you.


Mashup madness machine.

These three words are the best way to describe the DJ-style of Avalonn, the alter ego of Jürgen Beulens. With his energetic and fast mixing of the all-time classics and the newest hits, he became, and still is, one of the DJ-kings of the nightlife in his student hometown, Leuven. Started from the bottom at small venues, he worked his way up to play in dancehalls, festival tents and parties all over Flanders, such as Meivuur in Overijse, Vooruit in Gent and The Hive at Rock Werchter.

In the summer of 2015, Avalonn decided to take it up a notch and participated in the biggest and most well-known DJ-contest of Belgium, MNM Start To DJ, broadcasted on national radio station MNM. After his victory, there is no stopping him right now. With his packed agenda, sets stuffed with self-made mashups and bootlegs and as a very welcome guest at parties all across the country, soon everyone will know about this musical whizz-kid, so keep an eye and an ear out!


Masai is a DJ based in Diest. With a wide spread of musical styles, he feels home at any party. In the year 2013 Masai subscribed for a contest named “MNM start to DJ”. A platform for young talent. Masai won his spot for the semi-finals after a positive report from jury members Maxim Lany, DJ Dysfunkshunal and Nicolas de Turck. In the finals he finished second to his DJ friend Snes. Regi, Tom Swerts from Noxx and Sem Thomassen all had nothing but great words for his performance.

Masai’s DJ career received a huge boost after that contest. Weekly bookings and guest sets at big clubs as Versuz, Noxx, Publik, Café Local, K-Nall. Festivals as Les Ardentes, Couleur Café, Gentse Feesten, Maze Festival, Boerenrock festival and so on.... In 2015 he introduced a brand new party concept that combines elements of his roots with urban elements: MASAI FT. THE ROOTS ( Drummers from Rwanda)
The best has still yet to come. His style is a mixture of all round music with a specialisation in urban music.



Among the many titles on his lengthy resume are rapper / freestyle MC, music writer, hiphop spokesman, recording artist and radio host. With more than two decades of field experience under his belt, TLP is a musical force to be reckoned with. An unstoppable, musical phenomenon with a notorious rep stretching far beyond his native ground – just ask him, he’ll tell you!

In 1987 mister Troubleman had his first taste of the stage with Kick The Bass, a posse of rappers, breakdancers and grafiti artists that also featured a certain female MC by the name of Ya Kid K, before she became part of the worldwide success story of Technotronic. In his own right, TLP broke ground when he sided with DJ Grazhoppa to form Rhyme Cut Core, one of Belgium’s !rst hip-hop acts to be signed in the UK. Many years before that, when London was celebrating Nelson Mandela’s freedom, TLP had his first encounter with a Jamaican soundsystem. Its sheer physical power made an everlasting impression on the aspiring MC.

Partying all night on the urban sounds of Soul II Soul, Afrika Bambaata, Stetsasonic and The Jungle Brothers, young T found his future and was never again to lose his taste for big, bad bass lines and improvised shout-outs! For the record: let’s not forget this was a time before House of Pain taught the world that white men could jump and Eminem became a superstar. White skinned hip-hop ambassadors were met with great prejudice, a thing that TLP continued to battle for the larger part of his career.

Over the years and countless projects later, TLP’s focus started to shift towards the turntables. His natural knack for word play and crowd control became a great asset when manning the wheels of steel. Partnered with an enormous love and knowledge of music, TLP quickly made name as a DJ with his own unique definition of mixing and selecting. When some local entrepreneurs took night life in Ghent to another level, invading museums, showrooms and abandoned warehouses with celebrated nights as Bel.Mondo and Eskimo, they enlisted the Troubleman to host their hip-hop and host their hip-hop and R&B themed rooms. When those same party moguls opened up Culture Club, they put TLP in charge of his own floor. He took up a weekly residency and for the first years, next to fellow Ghent locals The Glimmers and 2manydjs, was vital in helping build the club its acclaimed reputation. It was here at Culture Club that TLP’s infamous all night marathon sets (8 to 9 hours are no exception) started to build momentum. This is a man who rides the rhythm as it rolls out; treating his followers to a healthy mash-up of soul, r’n’b, roots reggae, disco, funk, deep and latin house classics, dubstep, afrobeat, booty bass and so on… A true champion of the dance floor, TLP is and always will be last man standing!

Compiling and mixing five volumes of Culture Club compilations took the devoted party goliath to new frontiers, rocking floors in the many exclusive locations such as Club Yellow (Tokyo), Lux (Lisbon), Jimmy Woo (Amsterdam), Cookies (Berlin) and Respect Is Burning (Paris). On several occasions, he set fire to the Miami Winter Music Conference, caused mayhem on countless festivals such as Tomorrow Land and Dour, and supported artists such as Erykah Badu,…………

Sometimes his big mouth gets him into trouble (they don’t call him Troubleman for nothing..), but TLP’s verbal capacities are also appreciated by his peers, such as Flemish hip-hop troupe ‘t Hof Van Commerce, who enlisted him for some guest rhymes on tracks as Tottentrekkerie – in return, their chieftain Flip Kowlier crowned TLP ‘the porn king of Ghent’. Also, together with Raoul Belmans from Swirl People, TLP collaborated on the steaming hip-house track Watcha Gonna Do.

After more than 20 years of pumping the volume for the larger part of the week, TLP still is a tireless advocate for the music. Refusing to compromise, pouring his heart and soul into it. Maybe the biggest recognition of his devotion to the good cause is his self-named national radio show on Studio Brussel. Every Saturday evening TLP spreads his love for urban sounds from around the globe over the Belgian airwaves. Telling it like it is, with brutal honesty.

Gunter D

Het slechtste wat het Vlaamse radiolandschap ooit overkomen is, heeft een naam: Gunther Desamblanx. In gerechtelijke kringen beter bekend als Gunther D. . De scheldbarak van Studio Brussel (dixit Het Laatste Nieuws) voorziet uw dansvloer van de betere stampers. Absoluut verboden om te "blijven zitten tijdens het draaien".

We Dance Together

We Dance Together is een DJ-collaboratie van Rotselaarse bodem gevormd uit 3 DJ formaties die elk JH Mena als thuisbasis hebben (Amusez-Vous, Oh My Gods & Whale On A Boat).

Rauwe beats en snoeiharde sounds staan centraal in hun muziek keuze. Op enkele minuten tijd gaan deze heren van de vetste hip hop naar de hardste drum&bass met daartussen nog wat electro, techno en moombathon! Zolang het maar mixbaar blijft.

We Dance Together staat garant voor knettergekke DJ-set waarbij crowdsurfen en moshpits onvermijdelijk zijn. Met deze stevige live reputatie zorgen ze voor een sensationeel feest dat zich voor, achter en zelf op de DJ-booth afspeelt.

Dit jaar staan ze voor de zesde keer op de affiche van Mena Open Air. Feest gegarandeerd!

Lazy Jay

When 2 belgian brothers decide to call themselves Lazy Jay, they must be idiots.
When they decide one of them will rock the stage, while the other works the studio, they must be idiots.
When they allow Azealia Banks to go all 212 on their song, they must be idiots.
When they decide to be cool again and create "Scream & Shout" with Will.I.Am and Britney Spears, they definitely must be idiots.
The world needs more idiots.

It’s hard to categorize the highly unique and fresh sound Lazy Jay brings to the table. However, it is very easy to understand why leading DJ’s and radio tastemakers alike are eating away at anything these "Belgian Beatmeisters" serve.
In a world where conformity is king and copy/paste seems to be the norm, Lazy Jay represents an edgier, grittier sound, infusing dance with an almost hip-hop-like quality, completely lacking within today’s polished hit music conventions.
“We don’t think, we just do. And sometimes somebody likes it.”
In the meantime there's of course the much talked about tracks: first Azealia Banks - 212 ft. Lazy Jay with already well over 56 million Youtube views, being hyped around the globe and next Will.i.am & Britney - Scream & Shout going for #1 in 53 countries and counting.


Over a decade and a half of drum&bass in Belgium. Gone from throwing small bashes to rocking every major festival in the country several times over. Running Jungle Fever (national radio Studio Brussel - Mondays) on a weekly basis for 4 years straight. Since the show stopped he's been a regular guestmixer for Switch and he gathered the number one spot as most popular Monthly Playground Mix. As of September 2011 he's back on national radio with his own show called "Murdock", dropping the very best in dubstep and drum&bass (and beyond!) every Friday night from 11pm to midnight, mixing and presenting, and getting listeners ready for the weekend.
Murdock released the mix-cd 'Jungle Fever Vol 1' in Dec '09, which was immediately sold out, and was followed by Vol 2 in Dec '10 which flew off the shelves just the same. He compiled big tunes by friends like Sigma, Camo&Krooked, Total Science, Danny Byrd, Trei, Crystal Clear and many more to form the ultimate homegrown drum&bass mix series. Vol 1 contained 3 tracks he produced with boy wonder Netsky. April 2012 saw the release of 'Off The Radar', a unique project for which Murdock invited top notch produces to put their twist on Belgian dance classics. Eptic, Blame, Fred V & Grafix, Crystal Clear, Netsky, Break, Marky & SPY and many more contributed to this mix-cd and compilation.
He launched Radar Records in March '10 with Netsky's 'Your Way'/'Daydreaming' 12" selling like hot cakes. That 12" was succeeded by a number of releases in the Radar Remix series, which sees a number of classic Belgian dance tracks remixed by the drum&bass greats. These have gained support by London Electricity, Andy C, Danny Byrd, A.I., Slum Dogs, Total Science and UKF.
In 2011, Murdock released the first EP on his new Broken Music label, which sets out to release electronic music by Belgian producers, transcending all genre boundaries. So far, releases has come from the hands of Requake & Badklaat, Brownz, Bloodfire, Syndaesia, CJ Bolland and Le Cousin, and remixes by Science, BunZero and Metrobox.
Currently, Murdock is spending time in the studio. The collaborations with Netsky, 'Shut Mouth' and 'Hooked On You' have started to live their own live on the net, while his work with other collaborators is slowly starting to see the light of day. The most recent was his remix of Zolex' trance-classic 'Time Modulator' on the Off The Radar CD.
Murdock is the biggest promotor of dubstep and drum&bass parties in Belgium, turning Breakdown, Radar and Rampage into the leading events of the country and spreading his fame far across the borders. The first Rampage party at Lotto Arena, in collaboration with internationally reknowned brand UKF, drew 6000 people and goes down as the biggest dubstep and drum&bass event in the country and even Europe.
He rocks the biggest summer festivals like Dour (10 times), 10 Days Off, Tomorrowland, Pukkelpop and Laundry Day on a yearly basis, regularly turning up the heat on 10000+ crowds. 2011's Laundry Day saw him take it to the main stage with Netsky and Jenna G, delivering a much-talked about performance in front of 35.000 people.
Murdock spent time abroad rocking Capetown, Buenos Aires, London, Barcelona and more, and has played alongside all the greats, including Doctor P, Camo&Krooked, Chase&Status, Andy C, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Pendulum and Sub Focus on several occassions.

DJ Lady G

Lady G, has achieved an international career by mixing all over the world:
From Hong Kong to Switzerland, from Macedonia to France,
from Thailand to Germany, from Morocco to UK...
Lady G combines her DJ-ing with a job as graphical designer.
She creates her own promotion material, CD covers, website, etc.
Last year she released the first clothes of her clothing line “GET DRESSED”.
Some of the country’s where DJ Lady G has produced excellent party vibes are:
Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Greece, Morocco,
Switzerland, Madagascar, Italie, Thailand, Hongkong, Macedonia, Poland, Uganda and many more.
Lady G has created her own style with a female touch. During a performance she loves to grab the mic,
to sing and to get the party more fired up. She’s one of the biggest stars in the Belgium Urban/Bass DJ-Scene

DJ Fiesto

Comming soon

Tender Teddy

Na een plezant jaar op de kleinere lokale feesten en fuiven waagt Tender Teddy zich aan het grotere werk.
Hij brengt de avond op gang met een gezellige, sfeervolle en vooral dansbare mix van hiphop, glitchhop en electro swing.

Om het allemaal nog beter te maken brengt hij Jonas Beerts en zijn sax mee. Reden te meer om op tijd aanwezig te zijn!


Aan vrouwelijk geweld is er geen tekort achter de draaitafels dit jaar.

Sophie is een vaste klant aan de toog van jeugdhuis Mena.

Ze zal de dansvloer van Mena Open Air in gang zetten met haar deep house en techno. Een reden te meer om vroeg af te zakken naar het terrein!

De Zalmkes

Een knotsgek dj-duo uit Rotselaar is de beste manier om discobar De Zalmkes de omschrijven.

De zoo van Antwerpen heeft voor Mena Open Air deze twee feestbeesten een dagje uitgeleend.

Deze twee kerels uit Rotselaar draaien werkelijk alles. Alles? Alles! De twee heren weten hoe ze mensen aan het dansen moeten krijgen. De ideale afsluiter dus na het geweld van de avond.

Nostalgie en modern, techno en rock, het kan allemaal. Spaar dus je dansbenen maar, want met de Zalmkes kan je ze zeker nog gebruiken!


Stereofunk bestaat uit rockende gitaren, knallende drums en een bad-ass-bass. Het genre dat ze uit hun speakers blazen gaat van een poppy en catchy sound tot rock, alternative rock, blues rock, punk rock, hard rock en al deze steen-varianten. Voor de criticasters: ze spelen dus niet bepaald funk (al doet de naam misschien wel anders vermoeden).

De invloeden bestaan uit Triggerfinger, Black Box Revelation, Led Zeppelin, Artic Monkeys, dEUS, Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Nirvana en uiteraard nog veel meer.

Palmares Stereofunk:
3e Rockrally Kastaarfeesten 2011
Finale Interfacultaire Rockrally KULeuven 2012
Winnaar Podiumvlees 2012
2e Muze Rock Rally 2012

Cody & The Albatross

Cody & The Albatross is een Lierse popgroep die bestaat sinds september 2011. In het kader van 10 jaar Poppunt wonnen ze in november 2011 een AB-sessie. Ook bij Radio 1 viel hun muziek in de smaak: hun eerste demo werd er meermaals gedraaid.

In februari 2012 mochten ze dankzij een wedstrijd van FM Brussel een videoclip opnemen in de filmschool Narafi. Eind maart speelden ze voor de eerste keer een volledige liveset.

Amper een maand later wonnen ze de wedstrijd Rockrace in de AB Club.

The Dead Color

The Dead Color is a 4-piece using synthesizers, an upright electric drum kit and an fx-loaded mic. Heavily influenced by pioneers of electronic music the Antwerp/Dendermonde/Ghent-based band channels the tight arpeggios of Giorgio Moroder, the epic grandeur of Vangelis and the drive of New Order.

Singer Erik VH forms The Dead Color in late 2011 as a no-compromise musical outlet and gets noticed straight away with the song ‘Reds’ (Studio Brussel ‘Vi.be On Air’). Soon afterwards he is joined by Pieter VdB on drums, with Diederik H and Pieter DC on synths. A perfect match, as it turns out!

March 2012, few months after establishing the definitive line-up and with only a handful of songs on the setlist, The Dead Color play their first show in the Main Hall of the Ancienne Belgique, supporting Example (UK). Following a series of gigs the band bags silver at De Beloften and wrap up their first year with a support show for Kosheen (UK) in Vk*, Brussels.

The Dead Color is currently working on a debut EP, to be released spring 2013.


Undefined creates music with loads of knowhow. Hip-hop seems to be the foundation, but without the clichés. With their broad musical knowledge and background, the band brings a unique crossover of reggae, dancehall, funk and even rock. Also lyrically they stay miles away from American gangsta rap. In their almost poetic lyrics they always try to carry out a positive message. In which box do they fit? Undefined.

Undefined breaks through as the winner of Road To Fame 2008, a talent hunt on TMF. Their single All The Galls enjoys high rotation, but at the beginning of 2009, the party comes to a tragic end. Singer Rhygin (Cedric Luyten) gets involved in a fatal traffic accident. He will not live to see the success of the single. Collectively the band members start to process their grief with a tribute, Live It Up. Proof for the band that they should not deviate from their path. The single lasts 12 weeks in De Afrekening of Studio Brussel, and paves the way for some major venues and festivals (Marktrock, Het Depot, Gentse Feesten).

Sunday's Ghosttown

Deze getalenteerde 5-koppige band brengt een eigen mengeling van Rock, Pop, Hiphop en Funk in een eigentijds jasje.

Duidelijk geïnspireerd door bands als Led Zeppelin, The Roots, Rage Against The Machine, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Buckley, Red Hot Chili Peppers, … brengen ze alsnog een unieke ‘Ghosttown’ sound die bij een breed publiek in de smaak valt. Van zachte zweverige melodieën doordrenkt met Yassin’s unieke stemgeluid tot snerpende gitaarsolo’s.

Deze band, die terecht geselecteerd werd voor de Humo’s Rock Rally, is na de release van hun eerste EP helemaal klaar om de vlaamse podia te veroveren.


Both natives from North of France, Cédric and Edgar, 22 years old, create Klingande in december 2012. As music lovers, they put their own musical experience together to start a new adventure.

Cédric was first a DJ before plunging in production since 5 years. Musician when he was young, he learned piano and music theory for 4 years. Edgar learnt piano at the age of 16 then took 4 years of courses and start a passion which sometimes leads him to play during hours.
This professionalism is perceived throught innovative and oldschool productions, and artists influences such as Klangkarussell, Bakermat and even Clapton.

A melodic Whirldwind, where flute, percussion, saxophones, pianos and synths are mixed in a symphonic way.

The result of a hard and serious work by Cédric and Edgar, galvanized and driven by their passion for music, help them achieve their project: Klingande.

Fred Aster

Laundry Day '11 / Rock Ternat '09-'10-'11 /
Jospop '11 / Bal Der Bals / Bal Du Zoute

Where to even begin with Fred Astèr? It all began back in 2008. From spinning at local bars to being a resident dj in clubs and playing at major festivals, like Rock Ternat, Laundry Day, Jospop, ...

Talking about a rising star? He started off with ravishing electro beats, gaining the confidence of the crowd. Right now, his interests in music shifted from spinning electro to breaking the house down with some dirty house, dubstep, drum and bass and urban. Shake dem booties!

He is living his dream to entertain, watch the crowd go crazy from the moment he steps on stage. He is the beats-dropping, heart-stopping, most must-see upcoming artist around. When he’s up there and turns the music on, the party keeps going on.

Viktor Bodrovski

Silo / Culture Club / Rumba / Machine (RIP) /
't Speelhof

Op 15 jarige leeftijd maakte Arne voor het eerst kennis met het dj’en en vooral met VINYL. Het prutsen met virtuele dj programma’s werd hij al snel beu en stortte zich op het echte werk, leende een platenspeler, en begon platen te draaien.

In het begin was het nog zoeken naar een eigen muziek- en draaistijl. Maar eens die gevonden was, begon het te lopen als een trein, Viktor Bodrovski was geboren.

De Viktor Bodrovski trein rolde al gauw rond in heel Leuven en iedereen die opstapte genoot met volle teugen mee van het feestgedruis. Gelukkig voor alle feestvierders wordt het sporennet stilletjes door groeiend succes uitgebouwd naar de rest van België (en ver daar buiten). Je kan van deze jonge muziekpolyglot / vinyljunk een set verwachten vol Old Skool, Rave, Electro en House.

Red Bull BPM winner
1st place Hands Up!
1st place E for E-lectro contest
Public winner 45 toeren contest
Public winner semi final Rumba contest